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. the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare in america. our vision is to create access to healthcare and consumer pharmacies across the country and makeer the doctors it convenient for you as a consumer and have a brilliant experience with healthcare, which is unlikely do have today. >> the latest on on consumer tech and communications at the ecs. >> the winners have been selected in this year's student cam documentary competition on the theme "your message to the president." the grand prize winner is josh stokes from connecticut can his video was on unemployment in america. received pennsylvania a prize for his documentary. watched the winning videos these days on c-span. and see the documentary on student >> on friday, former and current jpmorgan chase executives took responsibility and expressed regret at a senate investigative subcommittee for the decisions that led to the firms trading loss. the said committee has issued a resort -- a report claiming those losses on key executives at the firm, as well as on government regulators. this portion of the hearing is an hour a
of four will pay $20,000 per year for the cheapest health-care plan. studies show that medicaid surgical patients today are far more likely to die than those that have no insurance at all. ae affordable care act is con. in reality, it is not affordable, callous, and cool. -- cruel. our attributes will be the that died.- patients most of our elected officials do not know how to even solve the problems facing our country today. establishment are contented to attend cocktail parties, clinking glasses, toasting one another, while we suffer. .he contrast is clear is this the america you want? wd says "no"] do you also foresee a better future? [applause] that stand fighters on freedom? our constitution is worth fighting for, because freedom is worth fighting for. [cheers and applause] and our principles are worth fighting for, because our principles will be a better future for all americans. tea party patriots want principles fighters -- principled fighters. ronald reagan attributed his victory to a set of principles, principles which were protected fewnourished by a unselfish americans throug
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2